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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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workers face furloughs or work without pay, and they will face it again if there is no agreement in seven days. roz plater is on the hill. what a roller coaster day. roz: this was hydrometer, thousands of homeland security workers in limbo, waiting for congress to get its act together. it has been back and forth all day. first, the senate passed the so-called clean bill, funding homeland security with no effort to overturn the immigration order from the president. >> the rational thing to do, the right thing to do for the american people is to pass the senate bill. roz: in shocking twist they shot down a bill to fund homeland security three weeks. dozens of republican said he did not address immigration, and democrats rejected it because it was a stopgap measure. some republicans dug in their
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heels, saying that a partial shutdown will not be that chaotic. >> when you look at the department of homeland security, 85% are essential services. that means whether or not funding runs out, essential services continue. border patrol, custom order it protection among them. -- custom border protection among them. roz: they sent the extension to the house, trying to over the furlough and to keep essential workers like border control agents and tsa screeners from having to work without a paycheck. we could be right back here a week from now. ironically the thing they are fighting over, the president's executive order of immigration is being held up by the courts. roz plater, leon: abc 7 news. a family escaped a fire at their home in alexandria that happened at a garden apartment. heavy fire on the roof of the structure.
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no reports of injuries and the cause is under investigation. a bus driver on her way to pickup students in montgomery county was busted for drunk driving. she was charged with 23 traffic violations. the police found empty beer and liquid containers on the bus. she was stopped in baltimore county after drivers reported the bus swerving and running into cars. willie was on her way to a private school in montgomery county for a field trip to the district. three sexual assaults within 10 minutes, and detectives say they believe the incidence are connected. the most recent happen on the 4100 block of 54th avenue. richard reeve has more on the suspects. richard: [no audio] an urgent search for answers. >> i was shocked.
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richard: detectives going door to door in bladensburg. >> i'm scared for the area, trying to track down a possible serial rapist. >> some things that you can see in something she cannot. richard: the most recent attack wednesday night. >> they said that somebody got hit in the head. richard: the victim was then sexually assaulted. does this surprise you? >> yes. richard: investigators say that it has happened twice before. a victim was walking on a wooded trail near quincy street, and then a long annapolis road. >> they definitely need to up the security. richard: at this beauty salon maria is concerned about customer safety. >> i'm sure that my customers want to be secure.
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it's too dark outside. richard: residents say they will keep a watchful eye on each other. >> we will protect our families. leon: richard reeve was reporting from bladensburg. it ready for more cold weather this weekend, including a wintry mix possibly sunday. steve rudin has thsteve: i wish things were better for the weekend. at least we start off with a good deal of sunshine, although the temperatures are well below average this time of year. 11:00 temperature, 20 six reagan national, cumberland maryland, at 19 degrees. the wind chill makes it feel colder. single digits at dulles and winchester is what it feels like, lexington park feels like 17. 26 early tomorrow morning inside the beltway. near 30 degrees by noontime. i 5:00, temperatures near 32.
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the left-hand side of the screen, that is the upcoming storm system that threatens to bring a wintry mix, complete with freezing rain sleet, maybe even snow sunday. all about the timing and what to expect and how long it will last, plus the temperature at 60 degrees in the seven day outlook? more on that in a few minutes. leon: a warning tonight about the dangers of the cold weather season. doctors admit star washington center have seen nine frostbite patients this week, four times what they see in an average winter. >> these are people who have injured their hands and feet. primarily their hands. we have had a couple people who forgot to their gloves on outside. leon: the best way to avoid frostbite is the obvious, stay bundled up. you are not always aware how cold it is, so kobe your skin even if you're outside a short time. 7 on your side prompting action
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for partners without heat. we first told you about this at the bethune house in southeast. the city stepped in, setting today is the deadline for fixes. tom roussey has been covering the situation and he has why the story is not over. what's the deal tom? tom: ever since we hear the story last week, there has been snow on the ground. as far as the heating situation in this apartment complex, residence say it has improved. a lot of work has been done, but the work is not done. >> it is some progress, but it is not a complete fix. tom: a week after we told you about the nonworking radiators in this apartment, one of them works. >> over here i have a another radiator that is pumping a little bit. tom: but others? >> there is nothing at all right here.
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tom: in d.c., heat is the law. >> a minimum of 65 degrees during the nighttime. tom: and landlords have to keep the apartments at 68 during the day. >> or they face serious consequences. tom: this attorney, which sometimes takes landlords to court over problems like this. she has advice for anyone with landlord issues. >> they always want to put their landlord on notice. i advise my clients that it should be in writing. tom: last week after the story d.c. housing inspectors found five apartments below the minimum temperature. they pass the test today. but ashley hopes the repair work is not done until all the readers work. -- all the radiators work. >> i'm not sure if they will come back out. tom: these apartments are owned by hazel r crawford, who assured
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me that work would continue next week on the apartments that still have radiator issues. he said he is considering a more major project in the spring when it gets warmer on the heating system. live from southeast washington tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: cannot get warm soon enough. all hands on deck in the district. not for the police, but for garbage pickup. collection crews were out in full force after complaints that the trash was overflowing onto streets. the department of public works allowed the crews to decide whether ic alleys were too dangerous to work. because of that, garbage piled up. the mayors on's all hands on deck means that they have to work until all the trash is gone. a man accused of attempted rape. officers say this man attacked a woman late wednesday night in silver spring. it happened in hampshire court west. the woman fought back and the
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attacker ran away. if you have information, montgomery county want to talk with you. happening now in southeast washington, the police are investigating the shooting of a juvenile this afternoon on alabama avenue near naylor road in southeast. the victim had serious injuries and was last listed in critical condition. no arrest has been made. this weekend marks one year since the disappearance of relisha rudd. the little girl vanished from the d.c. homeless shelter in november. khalil tatum, who abducted her was later found dead. her loved ones are not giving up and they believe she is still alive. >> their hearts are heavy. they are praying, asking a lot of questions. they just want to know why. leon: we are told there have been a number of changes put in place at the d.c. general shelter. the former head of child and
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family services says they are conducting background checks on the staff in providing better training for workers. a state department official accused of trying to solicit sex from a minor is free on bond. daniel rosen was arrested tuesday. he has been the counterterrorism director the last four years and is now on administrative leave. rosen posted $25,000 bond and will be back in court in may. marijuana is now legal in d.c. and is getting reaction from around the world. the netherlands is stepping in. plus, lowering the thinking age -- lowering the drinking age for active duty service members. and extra sleep putting your health at risk?
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leon: d.c.'s legalization of pot is turning into a global incident. this week, d.c. mayor muriel
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bowser said the city would not become like amsterdam, which has legal pot. today, the netherland's embassy posted an in-depth fact sheet between -- with the difference of between d.c.'s law and there's. to read the complete comparison, there is a link at russia is commenting on d.c.'s initiative 71. the russian health ministries top drug specialist shared harsh words. he said, "when authorities take their cues from the basest interests of the population, what will happen is everyone will become drug addicts." recent studies confirm that marijuana is safer than previously thought, similar to alcohol and tobacco. maryland is considering a change to the drinking law. they are debating a bill that would allow service members who are at least 18 years of age to
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be served beer and wine. they would have to show an armed forces id to get served. they said if they can fight for the country, they should be allowed to drink a beer. and warning about a possible danger of getting too much sleep. researchers found people who sleep more than eight hours per day have an increased risk of stroke. the study found those who got lots of sleep had double the risk of those getting six to eight hours of sleep per night. they said the risk of stroke was independent of the normal risk factor there's. -- the normal risk factors. lawyers for bulk osby asked a federal judge to thread a defamation case against the actor, filed by three w omen who filed the suit against bill cosby. the lawyer said they were defending them against false attacks. tributes to leonard nimoy are pouring in from earth and space. the actor best known for playing
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mr. spock on star trek died today in los angeles. william shatner said he loved him like a brother. from the international space station, and asked her not tweeted this -- leonard nimoy eventually embraced the role after first resisting being associated with the half human, half vulcan. >> for 17 years, i always had to work at something else. once "star trek" when on the air, i never had to worry about making a living. leon: he died of pulmonary disease, which he attributed to his years of smoking, despite the fact that he gave up smoking three decades ago. leonard a boy was 83. he was truly an icon. steve: 83, a nice long life. we have a week and that is half nice, half ugly. leon: ok. steve: the ugly part is the end of the weekend. tomorrow morning, no problems.
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would you go out for the run or the farmers market or to walk your dog, you will be fine. the skies are clear, allowing temperatures to fall. we are looking at a temperature reading of 26 degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the north at 12. the windchill factor makes it feel like 16 degrees. we will keep the wind at 10 miles per hour. the windchill will likely go up a little bit as the temperatures continue to fall through the early morning. the high today, 35 at reagan national. hard to believe the average this time of year is 51 degrees. the average low temperature near 33. we were just two degrees warmer than that earlier this afternoon. the temperatures are cooling quickly. martinsburg at 19 quantico 26 degrees, lexington park, maryland 25. satellite radar, no problems, high pressure overhead, mainly
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clear skies overnight. the temperatures inside the beltway, 23 degrees. the wind out of the northwest at eight to 12 miles per hour. the core of really cold air is off to the north and west. here we are, almost the last a february, talking single digits in detroit, chicago, minneapolis. the temperatures will warm up in another 5, 6 days across the mid-atlantic. the next big weather maker over texas, moving our way through the daytime tomorrow. the clouds increase midday. all the moisture will hold off until midmorning sunday. then sunday afternoon and sunday evening, it could get tricky especially when it comes to the forecast. in d.c., futurecaslifting over the cold air at the surface. that will bring us the winter remix, sleet and snow, maybe even freezing rain. the clouds increase during the day tomorrow, but as we move
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through the day sunday, quickly approaching from the west, freezing rain, sleet. that moves off to the north and east, but looks like it will not happen, at least right now until the evening. the forecast tomorrow, daytime high just around 32 degrees. partly cloudy skies. let's and the forecast on a good note -- look at wednesday of next week, 60 degrees. it will be a one-day special, it will rain, but at least it 60 degrees. leon: you thought i was kidding when i said the week and would be half awful? just like a wizards game? steve: it's happening again. robert: i don't think that you want to hear about this. leon: but we have to. robert: i have to do my job. tonight, the wiz trying to avoid embarrassment.
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>> and now the toyota sports ght to you by your local to the other dealers. robert: if you could name a low point of the season, this would probably be it. the wizards traded buckets with a team that was playing with their bench. fourth quarter, j shin richerson draws the defense -- jason richardson draws the defense. later in the fourth, smith drives and they lose that man again. wills with another jam. the wizards a loosese. the capitals have won six straight on the road against the hurricanes. going for what you number seven tonight in carolina, the cap losing to win a row, hoping to
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be the last place team in the metro division. if you let him nail the rest are, you won't get anywhere. in the second, skinner finds himself all alone, he fires, scores. the canes and the empty netter. the caps lose, 3-0. a little rain in florida, day two of the full workout. this time next week they will play the atlanta braves, the nationals will. the two-year-old bryce harper wednesday after reporting to camp with a new mindset. he is all about getting the ring , but he understands he will have to play better this year. >> this year i have to play smarter, try to do things to help the team. i still have that fire, i can still play hard, do the things i want to do. that is what makes it fun, being out there, playing hard, making this team win and hopefully
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making the city proud. robert: the redskins have released two veteran defensive lineman, barry cofield and stephen bowen. that will give them $10 million of caps ace after signing a rookie defensive end. both barry cofield and stephen bowen had their seasons shortened last year because of injury. and we may not know what the free agent ray allen will do but there is a report tonight saying it will not be cleveland. it looks like the wizards are still in the running for his services. they could use him. leon: right now they could use him, his dad, his granddad. coming up, something that is kind of weird.
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leon: there is a chance we will have some winter weather sunday. steve's winter forecast is the top turning story on and the battle over the funding of the department of homeland security, and tributes to leonard e moy. -- leonard nimoy. everybody has a favorite flavor of milk, but what if you could
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have all three at the same time in one glass? an iowa man says he has invented multi flavor every sip is different. it uses gelatin that disperses but does not really mix. you can get strawberry, chocolate, and regular milk and one glass. he says it uses a natural protein, so it is healthy. he plans on marketing this to children.
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my tin man has a big toe the size of a house. the lion is small like a toy poodle. and has weed, duck feet. my scarecrow has wooden teeth... and his clothes have tubes on them.
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and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities... n find theirs. introducing the first talking guide. from xfinity. leon: a half decent weekend. steve: tomorrow morning will be cold but sunny. it will stay cold, daytime highs only near 33. saturday, sunday, some questions. leon:
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